Cosmic Safari AMA! And THANK YOU for 51 subscribers!

by FRENEMY on 19th Aug 2021, 5:16 PM

After sitting on 49 subs for a while today I made it to 51! I want to say huge thank you to all of you. I started Cosmic Safari allllll the way back in 2012. It was kind of a side project and over they years I would draw a few pages and set it aside as life got busy. But the pandemic and my new iPad had me looking at the pages and thought I should start coloring them and do something with it. The original idea was to print it but then a friend suggested I make it a webcomic. Honestly it was the best decision because it has given me the drive and will power to make sure I keep with it. A huge part of that is due to readers like you! I put a lot of love and hard work into this comic so I truly appreciate the support. Special thanks to all of you who consistently comment! You are all awesome! I wanted to do something fun for making it to this milestone and thought an illustrated AMA would be fun. So if you have any questions about Cosmic Safari or for the characters directly ask away here! I will illustrate the answers and post them! Thanks again to all of you! 

Cosmic Safari Revisions

by FRENEMY on 15th Jun 2021, 2:17 AM
I have added some new pages to the beginning of the story. I had re-read my comic and thought it could use a tiny bit of back story on Krum before he takes off on his journey. Please check them out!